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Taylor Chandler

January 12th, 2015



Taylor Chandler - Intersex Pornstar

Taylor Chandler – Intersex Pornstar

Intersex is an umbrella term that has replaced hermaphrodite.

Here’s alleged Olympic athlete lover and intersex star Taylor Lianne Chandler showing the world how a girl born with both male and female parts fucks and sucks in mind-blowing gold medal hardcore. Blowing way past gender-bender sex, watch Taylor reveal the intimate details about her shocking, kinky acts and then re-enacting the dirty deeds with her swimmer lover in what’s left even the most experienced porn hounds slack jawed and in disbelief. If you really want to get your freak on don’t miss the most unique and taboo ever seen on Lascivious Celebs.

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yep, here’s another one folks.    we had to take down the Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton leaked nudes from The Fappening.  but not to worry… they’ll be back up eventually.  in the meantime… check out the gorgeous & sexy Blake Lively.   we remember first spotting her hottie potential in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants.   well, the lovely Lively is all grown up and clearly loves her grown up nude woman body.     thanks for the gift that keeps on giving, Blake.


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How sweet is this?  the super cute Ariana Grande is even cuter sans clothes.   who would’ve thought?   maybe Big Sean?   yea, he might’ve caught a glimpse of this tight lil package and just couldn’t resist.    For those who say Big Sean downgraded, umm… after looking at these sexy pics we completely disagree.     of course, Ariana went to Twitter to weakly claim these pics weren’t her by saying she has a better ass.  lol.   nice try, Ariana… but we gotcha!